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Natural Trance Medium & Healer - Awaken and join in Oneness

Connect with my Spirit Team to enhance the senses, to enable each individual to awaken and join in "Oneness" 

We (my spirit team and I) hope to assist you in knowing who you are, respecting who you are, and allowing transformation to take place. In doing so we will endeavor to exercise wisdom and knowledge throughout.

Bringing about these changes will allow freedom to take place in all dimensions, expanding your gifts of enlightenment, and shedding fear. There is so much more that my spirit team wish to uncover to mankind, hence the website. 

See below for a short biography to find out more about my journey so far.  Hear first hand  from  clients and group members of their experiences and feedback from the work  on the Testimonials page, and more about what we offer on the Services page. 

Links to video recordings with Craig Sutton of the Foundation of Spiritual Healing and Guidance can be found on the Events page

Have a look around  the site and  Click here to send a message to me for more information and enquiries about the work.

Love Linda Green and Team


"Consider yourself at home!"


Linda feels very privileged to be an instrument for this work, and is obliged to encourage others in life to accept their worth and abilities.

Her gifts developed over a period of time since childhood. Linda knew that she was in life for the purpose, and always felt looked after. She had many experiences of 'spirit ' presence, but when she lost her dear father suddenly in 1985, this opened up her whole psyche.

These gifts have allowed her to be linked with ‘spirit’ as she has evolved into adulthood. For 8 years she was trained in circle with the late Anthony Giles (of SNU) in Seaford and Hove in Sussex UK. Linda has been told that she is a Natural Trance Medium and Healer (and did not know it) and to sit back to allow spirit to build up a network with her..

Linda has been working since 1987 and is a member of the NFSH- (National Federation of Spiritual Healers.) A life member of Afterlife Connect and the Foundation of Spiritual Healing and Guidance.  She opened a Healing Centre in Newhaven, East Sussex for a couple of years (1998 - 2000) called the 'Ministry of Angels'. Linda has also held many charitable events in the past raising money for various relevant charities.

Linda works with individuals and groups and will be holding spiritual development workshops in Seaford. Her guides have prepared her to work further afield, has also had some video's recorded and they have told her a channeled book is on the cards!

Linda's work as a Natural Trance Medium/Healer, enables her to reach out to those who are ready for change. Linda's work allows her 'spirit team' to enhance the senses of the human soul, in order to bring forward knowledge on all dimension's, expanding worth, and increasing additional energy links. This then opens up the mind, body and spirit, allowing surplus energy to transform, encouraging each form to transmit equally through each stage of evolution.

Linda connects with the essence of life and communicates with her team of spiritual beings. This enables us all, to enhance the openness of change, gain the experience, and allow freedom into our lives. In doing so, we will endure peace, and allow transformation to take place, heightening our service to mankind.

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