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The work that we represent is an individual process of alignment, enlightenment, well being and trust. It correlates a position within oneself to adjust and evolve. Many beings work through the vehicle (Linda Green), providing each person with humility and respect for oneself. The work can be divided into sections, dealing with whatever represents itself. There are features of it that will take you back in time, allowing an adjustment to take place. Your mind may wander and feel like a dream-state, which will then surface.

During your time with Linda, you will find that you may feel somewhat light headed. This is preparation for what takes place. Your energy level will change direction, dispelling any unwanted energy, providing you with a sense of renewal within. It can take up to an hour or more for these connections to be displayed. All it requires is for you to trust and relax. We may take you back in time. It may be that you see things within your minds eye, that penetrate your soul, encouraging you to elevate the pain that may be causing a symptom, allowing freedom to take place and show you perhaps another angle of thought. In fact it will hopefully demonstrate your self worth. In what we deal with when helping to release from you such things as fear, it will then depict a position of trust. In turn this will build up a momentum of trust boosting the immune system, supplying you with an overall pattern of thought that will adjust accordingly to whatever situation occurs. Your health will then demonstrate satisfaction and deal with whatever is provided. Mentally and physically it can turn things around for you, adding to your life. Healing all that stands in the way of progress. May peace prevail always. 

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A moment to reflect, a time to receive. As one reflects a connection is made possible, and a decision is reached. It may seem as though life holds many barriers, and instills upon it that which is relevant for progress to take place. Although like many things it must decide whether to take that next step, or to delay the action. This is of course depends on memory. The memory of concept, the memory of need.



We hope to inspire your inner thoughts, and draw you into life to retrieve what is yours, knowing that every situation that occurs, comes from our own hand.

As an individual, the incarnation that we have chosen can influence you, or pain you. Pain being the objective of all things that are held within. If pain is silenced, it rejects the peace that is in need of flourishing. Allowing peace to flourish, created a need to live our lives with the instinct that we were born with.

The instinct that comes with love and stability.



Inspiration, is the tool of life, affecting all reason. As there is a need for justice, there is a need for reason, which indulges all truth. Adhering to truth, involves justice, thus bearing the tool.

Because this affects both reason, and justice, a contradiction is placed. Bearing this in mind, should help you to justify, and correct, the pattern which affects alignment.


Once awakened, join with others awakening to join the FUSION OF ONENESS

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